SQL Server 2005 SP2 SP3 SP4 Install fails with error 1603

Hi SQL Server Folks,

lately I’ve run into the following weird 1603 error (the windows installer msi-file couldn’t be installed) during the installation of the service packs for sql server 2005:

Error Message

I’ve tried every hint I found, but nothing helped. The installer stopped immediately after he started to install the setup support files.

So I found out, that the solution is to remove the old installation support files via „software“:


After that you extract the sp.exe with an unzipper and move to the folder \hotfixsqlsupport\files and install the sqlsupport.msi manual. Do this for every SP you want to install.

Now you can install the service pack without errors.

Happy to serve you.

Thanks and greetz
Query Sheppherd

PS: You can also start the hotfix.exe from the extracted package to install the service pack.


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